Dold's Workshop | About Dold’s Workshop
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About Dold’s Workshop

Dold’s Workshop was founded in 1976 and is run by two generations of the Apodaca family.  Mike Apodaca (blue shirt) is the owner and foreman and will bring his passion for wood restoration to your job site every day!


Dold’s services include cabinet and furniture refinishing and restoration.


Our cabinet refinishing work is a four step process: strip, sand, stain, and lacquer. And, we can do all of this in the home safely and with less dust and disruption than during new cabinet installation. You can maintain your existing cabinet layout or save 50% off new cabinet prices. We will work on kitchen, bathroom, or bar cabinets.


Dold’s Workshop also has the equipment and expertise to handle your furniture restoration needs whether you want to change the stain color, repair scratches, or simply restore the piece’s natural wood color and give it a shiny veneer.


Over 30 years of quality workmanship ensures that your property will be treated with care.

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